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The Color of Us Expert Series

Our podcast selection discusses the Multiracial/Multicultural experience, expert perspectives and educational material.


The Importance of Acknowledging the Multiracial Experience

CoU Podcast

The first podcast by The Color of Us which introduces the purpose, mission and the future of the organization


This or That: Exploring Multiracial Communities

CoU 2 Podcast Interview

Podcast interview with Rudy Guevarra Jr. who discusses the categorization of multiracial individuals as monoracial and the struggles of growing up being told to choose "this or that."


Changing the Narrative 

CoU 3 Podcast Interview

Podcast interview with Dr. Jasmine Mitchell who was interviewed on topics encompassing the media's representation of multiracialism and the intersection between gender and multiracialism


Generations and Legacies 

CoU 4 Podcast Interview

Podcast interview with award-winning author, Dr. Shonda Buchanan who engaged in conversations surrounding the history of multiracialism in the United States and its impacts on the present.


Loving Day

CoU 5 Podcast

On the 55th anniversary of Loving Day, enjoy our podcast segment discussing the day's history and its importance to the multiracial community. Loving Day marks the annual celebration of the 1967 Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial marriage. 


All & All: Living Your Identity

CoU 6 Podcast

Episode 06 with Andrew Jolivétte discusses the intersections and divisions between marginalized communities as well as ways to support one another. Specifically, Dr. Jolivette talks about the connections between the LGBTQ+ community and the multiracial community. Conversations about education in the context of school systems were also included to highlight ways in which early education could help create a more inclusive environment for all.


All Our Relations

CoU 7 Podcast

Episode 07 with Dr. Jill Falcon Ramaker as she discusses her own multiracial and multicultural background as well as the history of mixed indigenous communities and shares her opinion on blood quantum. Dr. Ramaker also discusses the future of land sovereignty in indigenous communities and multiculturalism.


Mixed Roots 

CoU 8 Podcast

Episode 08 with Aisha Fukushima discusses her own multicultural and multiracial identity. She talks about growing up navigating the various facets of her identity and how music can be used as a path for healing and connecting with one another.


Mixed Race Representation in Entertainment 

COU x MAM Podcast audio

Episode 09 with Alex Chester-Iwata of Mixed Asian Media discusses the lack of mixed-race representation in the entertainment industry. As someone who grew up in the entertainment industry, Alex shares her experience and offers suggestions to make the industry more inclusive.

Let's Talk About It 

Let's Talk About It is a new podcast series by The Color of Us featuring panel discussions from mixed-race/multiracial/multicultural youth. This podcast discusses issues such as navigating cultural identities, microaggressions, racism, advocacy, etc. As a podcast run by youth for youth, we also offer advice to the next generation of mixed-race youth keeping true to the goal of elevating the voices of this community.


Code Switch

Let's Talk About It_ Code Switch

In the first episode of "Let's Talk About It," The Color of Us members Sonya Colattur and Campbell Brown discuss their experiences growing up multiracial and multicultural as well as navigating the various facets of their identity. This episode, entitled "Code Switch" explores cultural code-switching being mixed race as well as how to embrace your identity.


Representation Matters 

Let's Talk About It_Representation Matters

In this episode of "Let's Talk About It," The Color of Us members Sonya Colattur and Elijah Jenkins, a student council representative at the University of Chicago discusses the importance of representation and discussion surrounding the multiracial and multicultural identity. This episode explores the various ways in which representation can be increased throughout education as well as various ways to positively engage in thought-provoking conversations surrounding race and culture.

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