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Op-Ed: Toys Like Me

By: Lily Okabe

The issue of finding bi-racial and multi-ethnic toys is a struggle. Although companies have gotten better, it is still difficult to find toys that truly look similar to me and there is a long way to go. Growing up, it was even more of a struggle because there weren’t as many options. This left me wondering, why is it so hard to find dolls that are multiracial? The truth of it is that it took a while for there to be toys and dolls that are racially and ethnically diverse. Although this should have been a given, it still wasn’t, so the situation seems to be the same.

Although the companies are part of the problem, it has also been consumers who are unable to see the issue. Some companies have tried to fix these issues on their end and have started producing racially and ethnically diverse dolls. Others are showing young girls that role models can be of all races, and have made multiracial and multiethnic dolls in particular collections.

In conclusion, despite the fact that companies have become far more inclusive and have more options, they still have a long way to go in being reflective of the multiracial community.


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