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Introducing the Color of Us

The Color of Us: Blog Post 01

By: Sonya Colattur

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Currently, Multiracial individuals comprise 10% percent of the American population. As such, it is a struggle for youth to grow up in a society that labels them as "other."

About the Problem

“I do not have to pick a side, I am proud of all of me” - Luke Whitehead

Multiracial youth are frequently expected to choose one race to describe themselves. Often, this racial identity corresponds solely to one's phenotypic features rather than their true multiracial identity. The pressure placed by society on multiracial individuals to choose one race to describe themselves has become "a primary source of psychological conflict" for many (Gaither).

As of 2015, more than half of Multiracial Americans are youth under the age of 18-years-old. This primary demographic experiences the greatest psychological and societal stressors.

Additionally, as per Pew Research, 55% of multiracial adults have been subjected to insensitive comments and/or slurs regarding their racial heritage.

The Mission of the Color of Us

The Color of Us is a youth organization dedicated to bring awareness to these, as well as many other, issues impacting multiracial and multicultural individuals. This platform is a safe space for multiracial/ cultural youth around the world to share their experiences, passions and talents.

Through encouraging multiracial and/or multicultural youth between the ages of 12 to 18-years-old to share their voices, we bring awareness to a myriad of issues through blogs, podcasts and art. The Color of Us actively strives to educate and promote inclusivity to subsequently create a more accepting society.




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By creating The Color of Us, my goal is to foster connection, increase opportunities and evoke conversations that raise awareness about the experience of multiracial and multicultural youth in our society. Learn more by checking out the about page!

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