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The Multiracial
Oath of Responsibility

Dr. Root

I recognize the people who have made it possible for me to affirm my multiracial identity: 

  • They are my relatives, friends, and mentors;

  • They are people who have crossed color lines to fight discrimination;

  • They are people who identified as multiracial before this choice was recognized; 

  • They are people who have exposed and explained the suppression of multiraciality.

I strive to improve race relations; 

I know that race and ethnicity are not solely defined by one's genetic heritage; 

I refuse to confine my choices in love or loyalty to a single race; 

I make efforts to increase my knowledge of U.S. racial history; 

I know that race and ethnicity can be used as political, economic, and social tools of oppression; 

I must fight all forms of oppression as the oppression of one is the oppression of all;

I recognize that oppression thrives on fear and ignorance; 

I seek to recognize my prejudices and change them; 

I know that it is neither helpful nor productive to argue over who is more oppressed; 

I recognize that my life interconnects with all other lives;


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Multiracial Heritage Week
in Arizona

Heritage months, weeks, and days are important times for groups of various racial and cultural identities to come together and embrace their ancestry as a community. Such a period of celebration hasn’t existed for many multiracial individuals. Noticing this, our founder, Sonya Colattur, set out to get her home state of Arizona to recognize Multiracial Heritage Week. After much effort, we are proud to officially share that Governor Doug Ducey has proclaimed June 7th through June 14th, 2022, as Multiracial Heritage Week in Arizona, making Arizona the 20th state in the U.S. to recognize the week. 

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Multiracial Inclusive Literature Campaign 

Multiracial Literature Petition

Sign our petition directed at the Arizona Board of Education to increase literature on multiracial protagonists in Arizona public schools!

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2023 Summer/Fall Campaign 
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GoFund Me Page

Donate to our campaign to donate 5 children's books with Multiracial Protagonists to each one of Arizona's 91 local and tribunal libraries.

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